Local Moving CompanyConsumers put a lot of trust in professional movers. As a customer, you are trusting the movers to pack and move your prized possessions and loading them into a truck. Moving is stressful and there are so many small details that need attention. Moreover, moving is back breaking.

It is very important that you get professional movers when relocating. If you hire somebody without experience to move your possessions, they could damage your family heirlooms, drag furniture across the wood floor, damage the walls and so much more.

How easy it is to unpack and resume your normal life once you have moved to your new home or office depends upon how you packed and labeled your boxes during the move.  At EMME Moving we label your boxes and place them in the appropriate room.  We can also help you unpack and reassemble your furniture.

Moving Tips

Before you move, make a list of utilities that you are responsible for so that you can make appropriate transfers.  You will have to let the utility companies know the date you want your utilities canceled and transferred to your new destination.  You will have to call your credit card company and let them know about your new address.  Also, you will need to contact your bank to change your address.  You will also have to set up mail forwarding.

To keep your move cheaper get rid of all your unwanted items.  Many homeowners have a yard sale before they move.

Call the moving company in advance to schedule the date and time.  The moving company can pack your items.  If you prefer to pack yourself, the moving company can supply you with boxes and packing materials.

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